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Harold I. Abramson

Hal Abramson, Professor of Law and former academic dean at Touro Law Center, Central Islip, N.Y., has published extensively, lectured widely, and conducted numerous training programs on domestic and international negotiations and mediations, public policy negotiations, and representing clients in mediations. He has lectured throughout the United States, China, Hungary, Italy, India, Russia, and Turkey. In addition to teaching dispute resolution courses at Touro and regularly as an adjunct faculty member at Cardozo Law School, he teaches a range of courses on business law. He also is an experienced mediator of domestic and international business disputes. Hal Abramson recently published two books, Mediation Representation-Advocating in a Problem-Solving Process (NITA, 2004, Recipient of 2004 Book Award of CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution) and International Conflict Resolution-ADR Consensual Processes (Co-Authored, West Group, 2005). Mediation Representation is used in over thirty law schools and has been adopted by NITA for its training programs. He also is working with NITA on its Mediation Advocacy training initiative and is teaching in the programs.