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Gregory Y Harris


Aiken Law Firm

GREGORY Y. HARRIS practices administrative law, healthcare law, procurement law, and government relations. He frequently writes and presents on these and related issues to legal, government and trade groups in Arizona.  Administrative Law. Mr. Harris helps clients with a wide variety of state and federal administrative and regulatory law issues. He regularly advises clients on licensing, compliance and enforcement issues that impact their businesses. For clients subject to licensing regulations, he helps clients develop and implement strategies to satisfy or determine the applicability of the laws to their business or operations.  Mr. Harris was instrumental in the passage of SB 1193 in 2012, which revised the statutes governing the Administrative Appeals Process. Drawing on his more than 25 years’ experience as an administrative lawyer, he helped draft SB 1193 to simplify the process to appeal an administrative decision by allowing the appeal to be started with a Notice of Appeal in the place of a complaint, which significantly reduces the cost and effort associated with the appeals process.  Procurement. Mr. Harris represents clients in procurement matters under state and local government procurement laws. For companies whose winning bids are challenged by competing bidders, he helps defend and protect the contract award. For companies who have lost bids, he helps identify and file challenges against the award and defend his client’s interests in accompanying hearings.  Mr. Harris may be contacted at one of the following: 201 East Washington Street Suite 1200 Phoenix, Arizona 85004; Phone 602.262.0218; Fax 602.734.3838; or Email: