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Gil Blumenthal

Gilbert Blumenthal CPA

Gil has been active in the Arizona CPA community for over 35 years. Prior to moving to Phoenix, Gil received his training in two of the now “Big 4” CPA firms. Gil joined a local practice in 1978 and ultimately became a shareholder and managing partner as the firm grew to become one of the largest in the Phoenix area.


After leaving his CPA firm in 1994, Gil spent several years teaching dispute resolution and working as court-appointed Special Master, Mediator and Arbitrator specializing in complex financial disputes. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Gil is now best known as a professional ethics instructor for the Arizona Society of CPAs. In addition to ethics, Gil has also authored courses in negotiating skills and preparing CPAs for mediation for Checkpoint Learning.


Gil has experience dealing with nonprofits as an accountant, a Board member and also as a neutral when disputes arise. His experience gives him an appreciation for the need for all professionals who plan to work with a nonprofit Board to understand the rules governing nonprofits and the nuances which make serving on, or representing, a nonprofit Board different from doing so for for-profit entities.