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David Earl

Cross & Lieberman PA

David W. Earl (the W is for Wallace--a curse growing up in Phoenix with the same name as the Cartoon show host) graduated from Brigham Young University (B.A., 1972 cum laude) where he spent too much time playing ping pong with roommates and his brother-in-law upstairs), and received his law degree from Arizona State University, where he spent too much time playing ping pong across the street at the LDS Institute, in 1976. Upon graduation he joined the now defunct O’Connor Cavanagh law firm and was shortly thereafter shanghaied by two shady characters named Cross and Lieberman into the Worker’s Comp section of OC. Ask me how that happened some day. In July of 1996 he left OC and (with rope around his neck) helped start the new boutique firm of Cross and Lieberman (so named in a tribute to the seniority/senility of my partners). We do, and have always done, Worker’s comp carrier and self insured defense work, with an occasional claimant’s case just to keep everybody off balance. It seems to work--my estimate is that pretty much everybody in this field is imbalanced in one way or another. The cure: ping pong.