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Betsy Broder

Assistant Director

U.S. Federal Trade Commission

Betsy Broder is an Assistant Director in the U.S. Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Planning and Information in Washington, D.C. In this capacity she oversees the agency’s Identity Theft Program, including the collection and analysis of consumer-related data, coordination with criminal law enforcement, outreach to industry, and consumer education. Ms. Broder has testified before Congress and made numerous appearances in the national media as an expert on identity theft and consumer fraud. Ms. Broder formerly served as Assistant Director of the FTC’s Division of Marketing Practices where she supervised consumer fraud litigation in federal court. As a veteran litigator at the FTC, Ms. Broder has led the investigation and civil prosecution of telemarketing boiler-rooms, Internet pyramid schemes, and business and franchise scams in courts throughout the United States. She has also served as an advisor to the FTC’s Director of the Bureau of Consumer Protection. Prior to her work with the FTC, Ms. Broder was a New York State Assistant Attorney General, where she handled appellate litigation.