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Arthur Eckstat

Dr. Arthur Eckstat has served as an Engineering Consultant & Expert Witness for over 15 years, specializing in Product Liability Personal Injury cases including wrongful death. During that time, Art has had to turn away the majority of Products Liability Personal Injury cases that have come his way. All too often, he has been asked to support an unwinnable case where either a case has been accepted that should not have passed an intake screening, or where the Plaintiff has suffered damages, but the filed lawsuit had been factually in error or poorly conducted. He created Lawsuit Coach in 2015 primarily to help Product Liability Trial Attorneys learn how to identify, get, craft and conduct winning cases while identifying and avoiding the losers. Art possesses a Mechanical Engineering degree and an earned Doctorate. He took early retirement from the corporate worlds of Automotive and Aerospace engineering where he had received international recognition and accolades from both internal and external customers for his unique ability to see what others have missed. He has successfully bridged the breach between Academic and Practitioner. Art was honored as a Contributor to Aviation History by Donald Engen, Director of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in a ceremony held at the museum in Washington, DC.