Lance W

"The quality of the presenters. "

James C

"The Seminar seemed a bit premature since the answer to a majority of the questions raised was either “I can’t answer tha” or “We will see”."

Rosemary G

"good informative webinar, and a good place to start, but need to keep watching for developments as these statutes are used in real life cases. Nice job on an interesting topic."

Andrea T

"very informative presentation"

Michael C

"Very interesting subject since the statute and law is in its genesis. I liked all the Speakers. On Demand CLE this year seems to not as audio -visually appealing to the ear and eye as in the past. Most likely due enhanced safeguarding of device information being utilized. Enjoyed the Course!"

Lori E

"very good intro to the changes in area of AZ Law Speakers raised good questions re law going forward "

Joseph B

"Great presentations & Materials"

Sean M

"The speakers were fine but there was a lot they just don't know at this point about the law"

Rachel M

"informative especially considering the law is so new"

Mark H

"The problem is that the statute is so new. I was hoping to hear from colleagues on this issue to get the best information. Instead, they deferred all questions and simply answered, "I don't know most of the time." That wasn't very helpful. I think this will be an important seminar in the future. For now, I have to rate this one as just good. "