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The Top 10 Things Businesses Need to Know about Data Privacy, 03/22/2024, On Demand More info »
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The Top 10 Things Businesses Need to Know about Data Privacy

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Business & Commercial Law |  Law Practice Management & Technology
Rebecca Marie Weisenberg |  Heather Elizabeth Todd Horrocks
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Using the backdrop of the patchwork of data privacy laws in the US (both current and forthcoming) along with the GDPR in the EU, practitioners can expect to learn the “top 10” things they need to know about data privacy to allow them to assist their business clients and gain a greater understanding of the shifting landscape of US laws. 

Topics may include:

  •     Privacy by design and the process of Data-Mapping
  •     Balancing individual rights against those of startups and young companies with small data privacy budgets
  •     Comprehensive data privacy vs. essential data privacy
  •     Understanding when private rights of action may be available
  •     When US Companies need to be concerned about the GDPR and other international laws
  •     The change from the Data Privacy Shield to the Data Privacy Framework in the US
  •     How to prevent a data privacy breach

Heather Todd Horrocks, Weiss Brown PLLC
Rebecca Weisenberg, Weiss Brown PLLC



Rebecca Marie Weisenberg Related Seminars and Products

Rebecca Weisenberg is an intellectual property attorney at Weiss Brown, PLLC focusing on helping clients protect and exploit their intangible properties. While privacy has always gone hand in hand with intellectual property, including the protection of trade secrets and proprietary information, there has been a marked increase in demand for data protection requirements within data processing and licensing. Expanding ever deeper into the world of data privacy over the past few years, Rebecca concentrates on a design for privacy approach to assist clients with data protection and compliance.

Heather Elizabeth Todd Horrocks Related Seminars and Products

Heather Todd Horrocks practices at Weiss Brown, PLLC in the fields of data privacy, corporate law, securities, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). As a data privacy attorney, her in-depth understanding of the intricate and ever-evolving landscape of privacy laws and regulations allows her to assist companies in developing comprehensive data protection strategies, ensuring compliance with international and domestic privacy laws. Heather's knowledge extends to advising on data breach response plans, privacy policies, consent mechanisms, and data transfer agreements. Her expertise helps her clients navigate the intricacies of data privacy and safeguard their sensitive information in an increasingly digital world. In the realm of corporate law and mergers and acquisitions, from business formation and contract negotiation to structuring, negotiating, executing transactions, and helping to guide successful exits, Heather provides guidance on due diligence, contract drafting, regulatory compliance, and post-merger integration. With her understanding of data privacy, corporate law, and M&A, Heather is dedicated to helping businesses traverse the legal landscape, protect their interests, and achieve their strategic goals in an increasingly complex business environment.



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