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The Opioid Epidemic: Should the Legal Community be Concerned?

Total Credits: 1 CLE, 1 Ethics

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Ethics |  Stress or Substance Abuse
Diana Uchiyama
Co-Sponsored by:
The Lawyers' Assistance Program



Attend this program for $10.  
This program will not be recorded or archived.  Registrants must attend on March 6, and fee is non-refundable. 

Recent studies have confirmed that the overwhelming mental health and substance use issues are commonplace in our legal profession and that judges, lawyers and law students suffer higher levels of depression, anxiety, substance use, compassion fatigue, burnout, cognitive problems, addiction, and other serious issues at rates much higher than those seen in the general population. There is a significant overlap of substance use and mental health issues, including the use of heroin, prescription pain medications, and other drugs. Participants in this program will learn:

  • What is the overlap between substance use and mental health issues;
  • Most recent national rates of Problematic Substance use by drug including Opioids and at LAP;
  • What factors make lawyers particularly vulnerable to Substance Use and Mental Health Issues
  • Legal Competency Issues Related to Opioid Use
  • Comparing Opioid Use to other Substance Use Problems
  • What to do if someone is struggling with Opioid Use problems

Dr. Diana Uchiyama, JD, PsyD, CAADC
Executive Director of the Illinois Lawyers’ Assistance Program “LAP” 



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Executive Director

Illinois Lawyers' Assistance Program

Before joining LAP, she was the Administrator of Psychological Services for DuPage County, worked as a Staff Psychologist and Juvenile Drug Court Coordinator for Kane County.  She has a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and an Advanced Mindfulness Training Certificate.  She has a masters and doctorate in Clinical Psychology and practiced law as a Cook County Assistant Public Defender.



Overall:      4.5

Total Reviews: 46


Audrey C

"Thorough facts and information provided and great perspectives on this major issue."

Eric T

"The sound could have been louder. Since I work for the AZ Medicaid program this presentation was spot on for me - thanks for he opportunity to see how other states are handling the opioid crisis"

Mark S

"Lecturing for a straight hour is not always effective. "

Samuel V

"This is an extremely important topic to me. I'm inhouse company for a pain practice that is seeking to end the opioid epidemic. The information will be useful for me and my company. "

Rachel M

"Very informative"

Tyler C

"Dr. Uchiyama was very knowledgeable and a compelling speaker"

Peter K

"I think it's hard in a ZOOM setting to describe what is being seen on a slide where there is a lot of detail"

Jill D

"provided very comprehensive information "

Adrianne M

"very informative and non judgmental"

Jane F

"Eye-opening. Great subject matter expert. On time."