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(Showing) Mastering Word, Outlook & PDF Files + How To Discuss Security With Clients

Total Credits: 6 CLE, 4 Ethics

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Ethics |  Law Practice Management & Technology
Barron Henley
8 Hours
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Previously Recorded (April 27, 2021). Please note, this recording will only be available to access for 30 days past the scheduled date.

This program consists of the following presentations:


  • Inbox Ninja - Using Outlook To Organize & Manage High Volume Email OR Email Is Killing Me: Lawyers and staff are generally drowning in email and many feel helpless when trying to get it under control. This seminar will show you how to use all of Microsoft Outlook’s feature set to efficiently store, organize email (and attachments), and successfully deal with high email volume. We'll also show you how to fix Outlook’s default settings for email, calendar, contacts and tasks. Finally, we’ll explain many amazing and useful Outlook features which most users don't even know are there.
  • Microsoft Word Styles - Word’s Most Powerful Feature Explained: Microsoft Word combines font and paragraph formatting into something called Styles.  Styles are applied to all text whether you want them or not; and the feature cannot be turned off. Unfortunately, using Word teaches you almost nothing about what Styles are, what they do or how to control them. This seminar will demystify this subject and show you how to control and customize them. Be prepared for many “a-ha” moments.
  • A Lawyer's Guide to PDF Files: You probably noticed that PDF files are everywhere. They are the file format of choice when trading documents with other lawyers and clients. Many courts now require that all pleadings be filed as PDFs; most governmental forms are only available in PDF format; and if you want to reduce paper in your office, then PDFs are front and center. Because of their prevalence, everyone in your office needs to understand the risks and benefits of PDF files. Regardless of the PDF program you use, this seminar will show you the appropriate uses of PDFs. We'll cover extremely important topics such as redaction, metadata removal and electronic document security, Bates Numbering, splitting/combining PDFs, reducing file-size for electronic case filing, review/comment and PDF collaboration, adding signatures & stamps, routing PDFs for comments/feedback, and more. Finally, we’ll identify the programs you can use for all of these functions (you are not limited to Adobe Acrobat) and explain their relative pros and cons.
  • ETHICS - How To Discuss Security with Your Clients: Addressing security within your office is only half the battle! Unfortunately, your clients often don’t know how to protect their own data and security is definitely a team sport. Therefore, it’s important to educate your clients about proper security processes and make sure they are okay with the risks associated with electronic communication and storage (if you intend to use them). Nothing is without risk, but by exercising good practices, you and your client can fully enjoy all the benefits of technology and electronic collaboration. In this session, we’ll discuss your communication and confidentiality duties under Rules of Professional Conduct, security issues you should address in engagement agreements, security measures both you and your clients should employ, client portals, email encryption, virtual private networks and other best practices. Finally, we’ll cover the breach notification laws and how they impact lawyers..

Barron K. Henley, Affinity Consulting Group




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is one of the founding partners of Affinity Consulting Group, a national legal technology consulting firm which handles all aspects of law practice automation including document assembly, case management, document management, legal accounting software, trial presentation/litigation support, paper reduction/scanning, hardware, networks/servers and security. He is an attorney and has been helping other lawyers with technology since 1990. He received his B.S./B.A. (marketing and economics) and J.D. from The Ohio State University and is a member of the American, Ohio and Columbus Bar Associations, and the Worthington Estate Planning Council. He is a member of the ABA Law Practice Management Section and is the former Chair of the Ohio State Bar Association Law Office Automation & Technology Committee. Mr. Henley heads Affinity's document assembly/automation and software training departments; he is a renowned expert on Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat and HotDocs document assembly software; and has authored legal-specific manuals on HotDocs, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Word, Excel & Outlook. Barron teaches continuing legal education (CLE) classes throughout the U.S. and Canada covering a wide variety of topics related to law practice management, technology and ethics.